Chip Checker 2.0

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File size:2,748,373 bytes

Normally, you do not need to worry about file size or SHA1. Check when a problem occurs, such as an inevitable failure to install properly. This is described later.

Download from other sites

File size and SHA1 should be the same when downloaded from other sites.

Installation/How to use

See how to use it.

SHA1 Calculation

Normally, you do not need to consider this. Check only if you suspect that the chipchecker.apk file you downloaded is corrupt.

One way to verify that the downloaded file is not corrupt is to check the file size, but this does not verify the contents of the file. By calculating the hash value of the file, you can verify that the contents of the file are not corrupted (not wrong).

In Windows, you can verify that the hash value (SHA1) is correct with the following command. This value must be identical to the SHA1 value listed at the beginning.

>certutil -hashfile chipchecker.apk
SHA1 ハッシュ (対象 chipchecker.apk):
CertUtil: -hashfile コマンドは正常に完了しました。